Afroditi Manthopoulou

Garuda & Pilates Certified Instructor

Afroditi Manthopoulou

Born in Athens started classical dance from an early age. Studied classical and modern dance for 13 years in a variety of high caliber schools, including: Maya Sofou, Rallou Manou, Southeastern College and Dance Centre Isadora and Raymond Duncan, from which she graduated with a dancer and dance teacher degree, after following the 3 year program of the Ministry of Culture.

Afroditi Manthopoulou attended Seminars with:

-Jeremy Nelson: Release Technique
-Claude Brumachon: Release Technique
-Benjamin Lamarche: Release Technique
-Kurt Kegel: Release Technique
-Ann Papoulis: Cunningham Technique
-James D’ Silva: Graham Technique
-Daniel Laumell: Ballet
-Ivan Maindatsefski: Ballet

For a period of 15 years she worked with renowned choreographers and artists as a professional dancer in concerts, commercials, TV shows, TV events, theatrical performances, shows, video clips, etc.

A serious injury introduced her to the Pilates regime and revolutionary exercise philosophy. She completed her education in all Pilates equipment training and qualified as a Certified Instructor by Balanced Body. For a number of years she worked in a variety of Pilates Studios as an instructor.

She then went to London, where she trained in Garuda technique for 2 years next to its founder, James D ' and obtained a qualification as a Certified Garuda Instructor. In 2010 she sets up the first GARUDA studio in Greece.


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